As humans, we are intrinsically linked to the Moon. Many of us feel a strange pull or influence from the Moon, but we often don’t take time to explore why or how. From its phases to its gravitational pull, it is amazing how deeply connected we are to one of Earth’s closest celestial neighbors. Let’s dive into exploring the energetic connection between us and the Moon. This knowledge may be useful in many ways.

Energetic Connection With Moon

The Power of the Phases

When you look up at the night sky, you might not realize that you can use the phases of the moon to track your own energy cycles. Each lunar cycle has eight phases, and each of these eight phases offer their own unique energetic gifts. When we pay attention to these gifts and tap into them, our lives become more enriched and aligned with our highest self.

Full Moons are one of the most powerful times in each lunar cycle; they represent a time for releasing whatever no longer serves us, while also cultivating a deeper understanding of our innermost desires. Full Moons can be intense times, as they bring buried emotions to surface—emotions that need acknowledging in order for us to move forward in our personal evolution journey. New Moons are equally as powerful as Full Moons; they represent new beginnings and provide an opportunity for setting intentions that will shape your life moving forward.

Gravitational Pull

In addition to all their spiritual power, moon phases have a very real physical effect on us too—the gravitational pull from the Moon affects ocean tides which, in turn, affects our bodies’ water content (which makes up 60% of our body weight). This means that when there is a full or new moon happening on any given day, chances are you will feel more energized or drained than usual due to this extra tug from space! It’s worth noting that this feeling will be different for everyone depending on their individual energy levels at any given moment.

The Next Step

Once you understand how closely intertwined we are with Nature’s rhythms (especially those related to moon cycles), it’s easy to see why so many mystics use this knowledge in their spiritual practices! It helps create balance within ourselves and brings more harmony into every area of life—from relationships and career paths all the way down to sleep patterns and meal plans. If you’d like to explore this connection further, start by tracking your own energy levels over several months during both full moons and new moons; take note if you experience any shifts either physically or emotionally during these moments in time!

Moon Water – Spiritual Meaning

The moon has always been a source of spiritual guidance and moon water is one way to tap into the cosmic energy. It captures the moonlight and its mystical properties that are deeply associated with various moon phases, coming in as a reminder of our unseen connections with the heavenly bodies and beyond. When use moon water in our spiritual practices, we can benefit from its mysterious powers, allowing us to bask in energy that is spiritually more alive than ever. There are lots of ways to use it – you can read more in this guide by 2spirits. Affirmations, beauty rituals, protection from evil forces – you are free to do these things, as well as creating your new approaches.

How To Use Moon Water

Spiritual people are constantly wondering how we can use the moonwater in your everyday life.

Moon water can be incorporated into your life through various rituals besides moon baths. The water can either be consumed or left to rest on your altar. Grab a spritz bottle and consider incorporating moon water into your regular beauty routine. When you had moon water, why would you need rose water?

Moon water rituals are an example of a simple ritual that only has to be performed consistently. Moon water is a cleaning and grounding supplement designed to help us reconnect with our innate cycles. Getting in touch with the lunar cycle may prove to be the genuine medicine. If in doubt, keep things straightforward. This advice is always good.


The Moon has been seen as an influential force since time began—and with good reason! Ancient mystics knew what modern science has only recently begun uncovering: We have a strong connection with Nature’s rhythms—particularly those related to moon cycles—that can be used for personal growth if tapped into correctly. Understanding how closely tied we are with celestial bodies like The Moon opens up endless possibilities for connecting with yourself energetically and spiritually!

So, if you’re looking for ways to deepen your spiritual practice or just increase your awareness around natural energies, start by paying attention to when The Full Moon appears in each month’s night sky – then sit back & watch what starts unfolding…you might be surprised at what happens next!