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Microdosing: Progress Reports from the Global Research Project

Doctor JAMES FADIMAN – (Author of “The Psychedelics Explorers Guide” and pioneer in the field of microdosing, Dr. James FADIMAN is a psychologist.

Doctor Sophia Korb (Psychologist, researcher, and designer of the Global Research Protocol)

Precognition with Ayahuasca and Shamanic Plants

Doctor David Luke (Lecturer in Psychology, publisher of 7 books and founder of Breaking Convention Conference)

Chaos, Spiritual Development, and Conscious Evolution

LEARY ZACH (Futurist, writer and sociocultural theorist. Host of “The MAPS Podcast” and other shows)

Psychedelic Ceremony, Contemporary Rituals & Entheogenic Practices

JULIAN VAYNE (Occultist, author and The Psychedelic Museum Director)Integration, Preparation, Set and Setting, and Harm Reduction in Psychedelic Experience

Ciara Sherlock (Founder of the Psychedelics Society of Ireland)

Theme: Altered States, Crisis, and Opportunity

The human experience must inevitably deal with crisis on both an individual and a group level, from dealing with health issues and life’s inconveniences to the growing global crises of bigotry and racism, climate change, and political absurdity and anguish. But more than ever, the hyperconnectedness of the digital age forces us to watch it unravel in real time.


  • What novel insights are revealed by altered states of consciousness?
  • How do such viewpoints relate to who we are or the “actual” world?
  • How may changed states help us spot opportunities where we previously only perceived problems?
  • How may those viewpoints be incorporated into our daily lives and communities?

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